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Quality with system

Our group provides security planning and implementation of your projects with a certified quality management program. Each phase of the high quality standards is based upon a special understanding of quality by each individual and a correct execution.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG has a certified quality management system that is visible in all significant processes within the company. A system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our employees have, at all times, access to our Quality Manual via the intranet. This manual describes the efficient organization of the work, construction processes and communication channels. Management processes (e.g. project management) and tasks of the supporting areas (e.g., construction logistics, supplier system). The effectiveness of the processes and efficiency of overall business performance is constantly monitored in order to achieve goals such as 100% customer satisfaction and high confidence in trades and services.

The overall responsibility lies with the management.

QM management for perfect solutions

Julia Pietrasch
Quality Management Representative

Julia Pietrasch

“Quality must be self-evident. For all of our team members, this means always doing the right thing -. Even if no one is watching.”

Quality, cost and schedule certainty

play a major role in our solutions. A procedure-oriented system is installed that responds to various needs. Tasks are clearly defined, structured processes described, interactions are identified and documented. Our quality management analysis and strategies are formulated in order to counteract arising problems without need to improvise. The necessary documentation of the processes and measures by the computer and especially through our (Quality Manual) intranet are supported.

Quality assurance by qualified staff

Complex projects require employees who are qualified by education, training, skills and experience. Our employees therefore, regularly attend training courses. In-house seminars and training courses are regularly held at the headquarters. The group also maintains a permanent external employee training program as part of an ongoing platform based on current issues and skills development program. Additionally, the educational value of associations and organizations, in which our Group is member, is also utilized to good advantage.

In addition to acquiring a sound education as a craft or construction engineer, employees continually further qualify for such certificates as SIVV, trained as a safety engineer and much more. They are supported by an extensive library and an intranet information system specialist on all relevant issues.

Through regular internal audits, the implementation and continuation of quality is assured.

With a pre-qualification process, we succeeded to set a uniform, nation-wide standard for proficiency tests according to VOB.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG is qualified for the following areas:

111-08 concrete maintenance work
611-02 extensive work: Refurbishment without interfering with the customer’s regular business operations.