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Hennes & Mauritz

The remodeling of the Hennes & Mauritz sales area in Cologne is representative of other stores in the chain. The shop is located in the shopping center “Menoritenhof” with a sales area of 2,615 square meters over three floors.

The Challenge

The work of development and engineering trades here was often associated with modifications in the building substance. Therefore, the remodeling had to be done in several small-scale sections that were possible, in some cases, only outside business hours. The construction sites were kept so clean that they were barely visible to customers the next day.

The Solution

The remodeling of the branch in Cologne took place in nine stages in a construction period of twelve weeks. A two to three-shift system was absolutely necessary to meet the completion date. A cross-shift management always kept track of progress so that no information would be lost. A perfectly coordinated and intensive construction-site logistics management ensured the smooth running of all trades. Since we were responsible, as general contractor, for the building services, we had also assumed additional services such as preparation of structural calculations and the obtaining of licenses.

before the handover

retail space

Work on the escalators, elevators and the main entrance were carried out in stages outside of business hours. All built-in shop installations were dismantled and the mineral fiber ceiling and floor coverings removed. After the dismantling, plasterboard linings in external walls for later installation of the product display systems were prepared. In addition, new tiles were laid in the total sales area. Due to a change of the ceiling, a technical adjustment of the sprinkler system was necessary. For electrical installation, the difficulty was to keep the entire sale area running and still perform the reinstallation. No problem for our experienced professionals who resolved, with great sensitivity, this task to the satisfaction of the principal and branch manager.

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  • Implementation planning
  • Construction logistics
  • Project documentation
  • Preparation of audit documents
  • Construction supervision
  • Statics
  • Approval process
  • Dismantling (demolition)
  • Drywall
  • Plaster
  • Painting
  • Tile laying work
  • Light and power technology
  • Fire protection technology
  • Escalators


  • Astrid Theisen