Acoustic plaster and color concept

Old synagoge essen

The synagogue, built in Essen in 1913 , was once one of the largest and most important Jewish buildings and is still the only free-standing synagogue in Germany. After an extensive two-year remodeling it, now houses the “House of Jewish Culture.” The “inner life dimensions” of the synagogue were changed so that they radiate size, length and harmony.

The Challenge

The pivotal point of the project was the large main room with a 25m high dome. While its beautification can not be exempted from the past, it now opens the future to the people. This philosophy was reflected in the choice of color scheme. In addition, providing the coating of the dome with an acoustic plaster placed particularly high demands on the civil engineering and construction logistics.

The Solution

Churches are always special construction projects. Even the room that contains the technical implementation requires respect. Our craftsmen approached the project accordingly sensitive. Even the color scheme was developed by us so that it fits the historical significance of the building. The clear, well-proportioned main room won by the soft orange tint a positive attitude. The dome itself was a pale blue tint, and is so remote and distant as the sky. For a qualified preparation of the substrate, and a unique materialization, we spoke with many suppliers to find the right product – always taking into account the color and surface.




external view

Compared to conventional construction projects, work on historic buildings are often designed with special logistical and geographical conditions. In the Old Synagogue, this was the case. Technically, the work had to be carried to the room acoustics within specific requirements. The existing acoustic plaster could not be allowed to minimize its function in the subsequent coating and color scheme.

Upon completion, this house was built with an understanding that we had implemented during the reconstruction phase with a qualified team that was sensitive and sympathetic to the extraordinary conditions.

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  • Color scheme (implementation)
  • Acoustic plaster
  • Building value maintenance
  • Painting
  • Filling techniques
  • Color Applications


  • Astrid Theisen