Construction Management and Crafts

Technical college Gelsen­­kirchen

3,600 students at the College of Applied Sciences, Gelsenkirchen, were preparing for their academic degrees while the Hetzel + Sponheuer GMbH & Co. KG prepared a project of superlatives to give the university a new coat of paint.

The Challenge

Even during the construction phase, painting work was be carried out with excellent quality craftsmanship on a surface area of 13,500 square meters. A special challenge here was the long transport routes within the building and the scheduling frameworks. And this, despite the on-site work of other trades had not been completed and the ongoing educational operation of the university continued uninterrupted.

The Solution

A sophisticated logistics concept and materials provided for the proper personnel and equipment at the right time and place. Material deliveries and dispositions totaling about 27,000 square meters ceilings, 45,000 square meters of wall space and 26,000 meter joints were secured. 21 tons of putty and 14,000 liters of coating materials were necessary. In addition to many specialty materials, such as corrosion protection coatings and lacquers, the main product was primarily processed emulsion (dispersion) paint .

stairs soffit


By using the latest machine technology, the execution time was reduced significantly and, backed by a sophisticated workforce planning, the timely completion was accomplished. Our responsible personnel on the construction sites exhausted all available resources to further organization so that a perfect project result was guaranteed.

The site manager was responsible for a daily walk of about 7.5 kilometers, traveled to ensure necessary communications with the client and its employees. The site was pure practice!

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  • Logistics
  • Organization
  • Painting
  • Plaster and joint work
  • Industrial Floor Coatings
  • Coating steps
  • Skin coating of ceiling
    and wall surfaces


  • Astrid Theisen