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Technically perfect

Building is more than just having technical skills, but also consists of applying the right technique in the right place at the right time. In construction, the latest technology makes many things possible today and supports the team that thinks progressively and remains focused on each project with the best technology for the best performance.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG knows how specific technologies and techniques used at the right time and right place make efficient operation possible, always with the necessary regularity, rationality, repeatability and quality. In our capacity as construction supervisors, we are careful to adhere to these rules.

Technically up-to-date

We use the latest communication, analytical and measuring devices and are constantly developing in the field of construction technology. Technical and design aspects are taken into account by our experienced engineers as well. We find for each project the right answers to questions of physics, biology and structural analysis. 

We use the most modern building materials and technologies in our machine shop, which we maintain on the leading edge of the latest technology. To be the best, we invest in technology on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the know-how of our employees of technically advanced operating features. So our customers must not rely just on our handwork, but can also rely on our technical performance.

Building and building technology – all from one source

Together with our partners, we are happy to take on remodeling, renovation and shell, the “life’s blood” of the building. The building and services engineering, i.e., the optimization of technical systems, water and air ducts are a complex project that we understand and reliably put in order. The economic regeneration of the art is provided by a tight organizational structure, including planning, logistics, and implementation, intelligently combined.

Building technology

  • Electrical Installation Technology
  • Gas, water, sewage and fire-fighting equipment
  • Heat supply and ventilation
  • Ventilation, refrigeration, heating, air
  • Safety engineering, fire protection, lightning protection 
  • Building Automation

Consultation, planning and organization for the area of home and building technology

  • Building physics and biology
  • Building material technology
  • Static and load-bearing calculations
  • Building logistics conception
  • Building machinery

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