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Beautiful protection

The facade has always been an important topic in architecture because it gives the building its distinctive character. A building envelope is the facade with a special protective function that prevents access to wind and weather and provides ideal climatic conditions for the interior.

Today there are new technologies through a variety of facade solutions that protect the building, reduce noise, and also give consideration to design competence with true architectural highlights.

Our Group can offer all kinds of variants for facades and, together with our client, designers and architects find the best solution to meet all functional and aesthetic demands.

For the facade materials, we utilize a targeted analysis and planning as simple and cost-efficient as possible. The variety is endless:

Facade systems

  • Ventilated exterior walls with metal curtain walls, glass, wood and many other modern materials
  • Special curtain walls
  • Facade thermal insulation system for the renovation of buildings
  • Media Facades with integrated optical elements
  • Facades with integrated solar panels / photovoltaic systems
  • Metal facades
  • Mosaic glass facades

Complete Facade Services

Facade rehabilitation under historical protection

In the rehabilitation area, we have extensive experience in the implementation of sophisticated National Monument protected buildings. Our concepts make this a qualified rehabilitation basis for all necessary measures. Notable projects have been restored by us – always taking into account historical monument principles and requirements. We can use and repair masonry in various dimensions and with different block formats, such as monastery format, rich format, BNF, etc. We obtain the necessary address for a supplier or a manufacturer who is able to reproduce the existing material. So old facades appear robust without affecting the original character.

Consultation, planning and organization for the construction of your facades

  • Curtain-wall systems (VHFS)
  • Masonry composite systems
  • Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS)
  • Facade restoration and cleaning
  • Insulating facade renovations
  • Color concepts

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