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New life for old rooms

When modernizing, one should know exactly what can be achieved and what can not. Our artisans and designers use their knowledge as a tool to take account of design aspects. They have experience with modern materials and are familiar with the latest processing methods.

Structural problems that often come up quickly with a modernization or addition are targeted and solved in consultation with the team to the satisfaction of our customers.

Many of our development projects are implemented on the fly. The logistics of the demolition of existing structures, the coordination of affected tenants and third-party systems must therefore be ensured. New construction techniques, pre-construction and fittings must be calculated precisely to plan accurately in order for a smooth construction process to be guaranteed. The variety of materials and application methods should be considered early to plan and decide on their use.

Coordination is everything

When modernizing, a large number of trades are often necessary. Hence the site coordination is of special importance. We offer solutions as desired for individual trades, trades, or combinations of the GC (general contractor)-development while realizing the following benefits:

Services “final construction”

  • Painting and plastering
  • Joinery
  • Drywall systems
  • Ceramic tile
  • Floor and wall
  • Ceiling systems
  • Sound insulation and acoustics
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Fire protection
  • Electrical and engineering (TGA)
  • Interior insulation
  • Glass partition systems
  • Railings
  • Structural steel and metal work

Our experience makes renewal possible

Our staff is set up interdisciplinary, complements each other and constantly exchanges to appropriate tasks in-house. In the last 10 to 15 years, we have sharpened our management skills, our organization and our technical know-how constantly. Because holistic building with an eye for customer needs is the basis for developing high quality services and to customer satisfaction.

Consultation, planning and organization of your desired interior

  • Interior design and planning
  • Building permit process
  • Color concepts
  • Coordination of trades and crafts
  • Time management
  • Energy renovation
  • Fire protection
  • Acoustic

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