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From the ground up solid

Especially the foundation work tolerates no mistakes because the repairs can be extremely costly. It has more than the shell-bearing function. The work here must be well founded and competent knowledge must be used to account for structural, statistical as well as material aspects.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG can look back on years of expertise with the change of use of real estate and restructuring of buildings. Therefore, the authentic restoration of historic facades and concrete repair and retrofitting of bridges, columns and monumental objects like chimneys belong to our foundation experts. The new installation of escalators or elevators, are likewise included. Often, a shell construction is carried out in existing building, for example, by the change of floor plans, closing or opening of additional roof structures or additions. The production or the reconstruction of facade components such as windows or cornices, window frames, window sills and other openings into the building also takes place in the shell shop.

Working economically is our basic requirement

We carry out structural work in connection with restructuring measures on facades or in connection with expansion of services. For this purpose, we create the necessary logistics and use our existing technology so that these measures mesh together at little additional expense. Their quality standards and legal requirements are implemented by us, of course. If action needs to be performed during regular operations, e.g. at shopping centers, they are often provided by us in multiple shifts. We always pay attention to the perfect coordination of all trades and shell phases, so that we work for our clients time and cost efficient.

Services “shell construction”

  • Masonry
  • Masonry waterproofing
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Structural analysis
  • Ceiling construction
  • Carpentry: Doors / Gates
  • Steel construction

Consultation, planning and organization of your shell

  • Designing and planning
  • Building permit process
  • Coordination of trades and crafts
  • Time management
  • Energy renovation

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