Estimating and consulting


Estimating and consulting

The rigorous assessment of construction projects and related advice have always been the foundation for us to develop new, predictable solutions. Because our company has for over 30 years worked on our knowledge archives, we can contribute very significantly to the economic and technical success of your project. Our slogan: “Think before you act.” 

Therefore, we analyze for you to make an informed basis for the subsequent steps.


To accurately determine the project cost for you. To plan and assure you will receive a transparent offering that simultaneously represents a guideline for all of the necessary construction work and organizational processes. If required, we are happy to develop outside supply alternatives for an optimal solution.

Reconstruction concepts

Rebuilding and modernizing in existing structures is a great challenge for all builders. Here we can use our special skills such as conservation practice in the construction, repair the concrete and supporting the general contractor from the beginning. We prepare a restructuring plan that takes into account all the requirements so that no surprises arise during the project phase.

Fire protection plans

To create a fire protection plan, one needs a lot of experience, technical background and knowledge of regulations and rules. We have accumulated and trained over the years, fire experts who not only help implement fire protection plans but, above all, provide a qualified consulting and concept development.

Construction procedure concepts

We make the whole process of the project for you transparent and efficient. The networking of trades, logistics and construction technology are key pillars of our overall performance. We create concepts that can always be optimized and run like a thread through the entire project.