Building value maintenance

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Sustainable value maintenance

A building, over a period of decades or even centuries, represents a major historical ideal and/or material value. But even the best materials fatigue and wear out after years of exposure.

In order to preserve the value, a building must be constantly maintained. Only in this manner can the wear and tear from age, use and weather influences be compensated.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & CO. KG links old buildings with new, sound and sustainable technology. Old building and processing techniques must be known and respected so that, e.g. the new façade, physically restored to other areas of the building, harmonizes the goals of esthetics, maintenance, weather abrasions as well as energy savings.

Conservation value from basement to roof

Rely on our experienced, knowledgeable professionals. They take care of the repair and maintenance of your building as carefully as if it were their own. Our employees have high expertise and extensive experience in preservation of value. This is always associated with the current knowledge of new construction techniques and materials and their use in existing buildings.

  • Modernization and renovation
  • Basic rehabilitation
  • Physical renovation
  • Loft Conversion
  • Expand and additions
  • Basement Insulation and drainage procedures
  • Interior and exterior insulation
  • Facade design and cleaning
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • Climate Control
  • Solar Technology

Plan with us with fixed costs

We also provide comprehensive and diligent work in preparing the first professional analysis and a detailed restoration plan. So you can be sure that the costs and deadlines will be met and the work performed also in terms of historical rejuvenations. Our extensive reference list of successfully realized, ambitious projects will give you a first impression of our capabilities.