Facade construction


Attractive facades healthy climate

The facade is the face of a building and has a lasting effect on its character through color, shape and material. But it also has a protective function against climatic influences and, through its insulating effect, significantly contributes to a pleasant room atmosphere..

To perform the facade work, our Group has a specially trained team. They have extensive knowledge in particular manufacturing processes required to create professional facades. 

For example, the knowledge of the individual components of a thermal insulation system and their proper installation critical to proper function of the insulated wall. Only if all steps are carried out accurately, thoroughly and professionally, can the operation of the thermal insulation system be assured.

Prepared for all facades

Our team creates lasting, beautiful facades that meet all the desirable functions, from insulation to sound proofing. Designs and materials are diverse, allowing creative application of our expertise. 

For example:

  • EIFS – Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems
  • Plaster facades with mineral-or synthetic resin
  • Curtain walls – VHF and Cladding
  • Brickwork
  • Brick facades
  • Natural stone
  • Glass facades
  • Half timber and wood facades
  • Facade elements
  • Glass Mosaic Tiles
  • Metal facades
  • Photovoltaic facades

Facade renovation from the ground up

The rehabilitation of old, damaged facades places high demands on expertise and craftsmanship. Before starting work, a thorough damage assessment and approximation is required. For this, our employees have access to an extensive inventory of modern and specialized investigative and analytical instruments. Following this, a professionally conducted renovation of the facade provides both visual and functional advantages, restoring and protecting the substance and the value of the entire building for a long period.