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The value of satisfied guests

Every restaurateur wants his guests to be regulars due to the special atmosphere and the proverbial hospitality of their establishment. It is of enormous importance, therefore, to emphasize the unique concept of operation and thus differentiate it from competitors. Especially in the system gastronomy (such as catering), the interior architecture and the color scheme add to the valuable “brand building” effect.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG possesses an enormous depth of knowledge and experience in the catering area. Our highly qualified engineers and architects apply not only their creative ideas for a custom interior, but are also experts in all culinary finesse.

A full menu of services

We realize for you all finishing trades and take over the complete coordination, so you can concentrate on the essentials.

  • Individual interior – from drywall experts to tile layers, plasterers, carpenters, painters and plumbing installers
    electrical services and lighting systems
  • Sanitation systems for the kitchen, bathroom and storage rooms
  • Design and installation of special, fire-protection concepts
  • Barrier-free and handicapped accessible areas
  • Wall designs and creative color schemes
  • Complete services for a construction project from one source – including shell, concrete repair, etc. if required.

The specific requirements of the restaurant business?
Our specialty!

Narrow spatial relationships, tight deadlines, unique style elements – if possible at a pre-defined price. Through our extensive experience and detailed pre-planning, we can realize a reconstruction and expansion for restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, bars and many more in a very short construction period. Our construction management coordinates all trades efficiently with each other. If you wish, we will support you with our expertise for the hospitality at the planning stage of your project to optimally project at this early stage, the particular and individual work of your operation.

Creative interior design – from planning to implementation.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG works with self employed and freelance architects and interior designers who are available during the planning phase. Color concepts, creative guest rooms, restrooms, bar areas, wall units, rest areas – everything is modern and the style of cuisine designed and implemented accordingly. Especially in the wall design, much impression can be achieved with little effort. Special wallpapers, slates, wood, color and painting techniques, wall and decorative elements are used by us to underline the individual character of your establishment. Our professionals are familiar with all the techniques, from lime to marbling, and will present your desired image with technical perfection.