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A solid investment

Commercial buildings have long had the image of being boring real estate structures. Today, more architects, planners and real estate companies, recognize the potentials that lie in large rooms and spaces. This benefits not only new construction but is especially true in existing buildings. Facades and building structures, both energetically and creatively enhanced, customize the interior design of modern work spaces.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the conversion of commercial buildings that need to be upgraded. A major reason for such upgrades is the need to achieve today’s energy standards. At the same time, the clients often desire a change of use of the building and/or an architecturally and aesthetically improvement. We handle the entire project from planning, coordination, and final execution. Based on our experience, we offer you maximum security and planning costs – for a positive return on investment.

The facade – the company’s new clothes

First impressions count. Therefore, the external view is an important image factor for companies. Here we utilize our know-how from different disciplines in order to upgrade existing facades, both energetically and aesthetically. We increase the energy efficiency through the use of exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) or internal insulation systems. To enhance the facade design, there is the possibility to use curtain wall systems. Materials such as glass mosaic, glass tile, ceramic, natural stone, wood, metal or brick provide for the protection of the building and simultaneously are “eye-catchers.” Added classic plaster and color systems that make a façade beautiful and, because of our high-quality design, also provide permanent protection.

New rooms for a great working environment

Often, production and administrative areas are adapted to modern requirements, in order to achieve a more economical use of existing space and improve the working climate. We take care of the renovation, interior design and redesign of production facilities and/or commercial space. The work is carried out with high-quality products, ranging from glass wall systems, acoustical plaster, drywall systems and modern wall and floor coverings. At the same time, in the course of the renovation, the building’s technical services can be renewed in order to create the infrastructure for a modern communications company.

Commercial properties and historical preservation