Tradition and innovation integration

Industrialization has created, especially in the center of the Ruhr where our facilities are located, highly architectural and cultural factors. Numerous industrial facilities today require new terms and concepts. 

Buildings from different eras, with the inevitable wear and tear, have been in use for decades, These will be, sooner or later, refurbished for historical documentation, but also will be maintained and modernized for useful applications. The intention is not to destroy the historic fabric, but to achieve the criteria for modern industrial and commercial buildings while restoring the historical appearances.

The activities of the industrial team within Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG are concerned, in most cases, with objects of industrial culture and their special architectural requirements. In addition to listed buildings or world heritage site conditions (e.g. Zollverein Essen), we are often confronted with very special needs requiring creativity and flexibility.

New concepts of use for old buildings

Nowadays, it is modern to equip venerable monuments with new commercial use concepts. Storage building, foundries, coking plants or steel mills with large halls will become new production facilities. Many administration buildings in need of renovation can be converted to modern office lofts. These construction projects are an artisan, technical and organizational challenge. Old construction methods, materials and systems must be known to the team and be inter-woven with advanced building technologies to develop new, object-specific solutions. The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG can look back on a long-standing tradition in the revitalization of industrial buildings.

Services that build on experience

Before we take a pen or a trowel in hand, the condition of the building will be extensively checked. For this we use modern methods of analysis, showing us exactly what actions are required to attain an optimal result – also from a cost perspective. For example, injection systems are used against rising dampness. Smart materials such as stone restoration plasters and mortars are aligned with the replacement stock or modeled. The historical parts and construction materials procurement also belong to our service portfolio. We constantly monitor the market in order to retrieve these contacts when required. Historic craft techniques, designs and standards combine with the latest technical requirements and legal regulations – particularly regarding fire protection, energy efficiency, environmental regulations and building technology. These are discreetly integrated with great sensitivity to the existing building structure.

All activities under one roof

As a full service provider we take care of an efficient building revitalization with all the necessary restoration and modernization. For example, the historic masonry restoration-oriented, the renovation of technical facilities such as smokestacks, the plaster restoration, industrial flooring restoration and ceilings. The necessary integration of all these services and technologies can be ensured, through us, in addition to the handwork implementation.

Industrial buildings under monument protection