Continuously increase in­ value

Family structures are changing. Rooms are spacious with homes rebuilt or modified accordingly. In addition to modern preferences, environmental and climate protection have a major influence on today’s housing with regard to energy modernization. 

Above all, however, property owners and housing associations want to maintain the value of their buildings and create spaces more attractive for tenants with correspondingly improved quality of life.

The appreciation of real estate holdings through ongoing maintenance, refurbishment and renovation has been for decades a major field of activity for the Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG. In the early seventies, developed by Sponheuer GmbH together with leading manufacturers, appropriate repair systems for concrete repair and restoration of balconies became practical. The companies in our group were already active at that time with thermal insulation composite systems. These early experiences with innovative product systems for building renovation are important building block for today’s jobs.

“Building Updates 2.0” – for long-term value preservation

With our knowledge of increasingly complex tasks, our group is in demand as key partner for housing associations. The specialists of our group are here with advice and support to achieve required detailed solutions and bring together various disciplines. With modern materials and design skills combined with a high level of craftsmanship, we can guarantee well founded, up-to-date performance. This includes indoor and outside insulation systems, coating techniques with two-component products, flooring, drywall and acoustic systems and much more. All topics which we can implement in design aspects. We provide high quality care and a permanent project from the date of acceptance by our customers.

We are partners in the housing industry

We are happy to offer to our clients project-specific maintenance contracts for the works carried out. This service is today required more frequently than in the past and can be coupled with a corresponding extension of the warranty. Housing associations and contractors can operate in this regard much more innovative in the future.

The partnership idea starts with us in the beginning analysis and diagnosis. Here we offer technologies that support our clients from the start. The resulting insights provide a predictable basis for appropriate maintenance concepts. Our interdisciplinary team works constantly on various topics, exchanges knowledge and coordinates the necessary repair concepts. We can satisfy both specialists in architecture and civil engineers with the knowledge and practical experience of our technicians. Lengthy external processes so do not even arise. The experts coordination is always there when needed and thus ensures the efficient and economic success of the project.