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Staying on promised schedules

The opening date is set – now careful planning and coordination is required to maintain control, not to become hectic and, above all, to maintain quality. Together with you and our team of experts, we quickly bring your business efficiently up and running.

We understand your business – and ours. Therefore, we offer for the reconstruction and expansion, qualified staff who have extensive experience in retail settings. 

We know how to use materials so they can develop maximum impact, how to hide technology intelligently and utilize every square inch of surface efficiently.

All trades are matched perfectly, so we remain on schedule.

Stephan Berndt

Project Management

“”Efficient coordination ultimately means secure appointments, saving money and relaxing your nerves.”

Event schedules guaranteed by contract

We act according to aesthetic criteria

Our team understands the promotional effect of colors, shapes and materials. We deal with specific problems and challenges and work with you to develop the most appropriate concept.