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High respect for skilled workmanship

Especially in the construction industry, it comes down to each individual person’s performance in order to be successful. Everything has to fit and sit, every small block must be coordinated. We appreciate people who, in addition to their expertise and dedication, are good team members but can still make correct decisions independently. In rewarding performance, we constantly offer advanced qualification training and offer a job with a secure future.

Whether “old hand” or “beginner,” we always have much to do. Therefore, we are always looking for qualified, dedicated employees and staff – and also welcome unsolicited applications.


For more information or for your application, the following persons are available to you

Your contact persons


Uwe Steinfeld

phone +49 201 3646-204

Your application should be directed to

Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG

Nordsternstrasse 65

45329 Essen