A2 Restaurant Munster

From 2006 to 2009, the Aasee Lake Terraces in Munster were developed from scratch. The intent of the city was to enhance the use of multi-purpose and design, to create a place for both sailing and for others seeking regeneration, including restaurants, residences, offices and functional areas.

The Challenge

An important feature of the new development was implemented in the restaurant at Lake Aa: undulating ceiling panels with a sophisticated coating that does not tolerate errors in the subsurface. The entire restaurant building was equipped with them – as a tribute to the sport of sailing.

The Solution

Our team made to exact CAD drawings of the canopy to be prefabricated on the basis of the dry components in a special workshop. The sensitive transport, assembly, and a millimeter high quality surface treatment were carried out with a team of experts who knew precisely what such an installation takes. A mixture of materials on site with a precise formulation provides consistent quality over the entire surface. The elegant surface coatings were chosen to emphasize the visual impact through design quality and surface smoothness. The application of lettering was subsequently placed in an appropriate, modern scene.

External view

Internal view

With our expertise, the ambitious concept of the architect and a real ambience has been created in which the guests feel comfortable. With the help of our team efficient performance, this was created within a short time, a “pleasure landscape”, which invites guests to linger.

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  • CAD planning
  • Surface treatment 
  • Drywall
  • Assembly
  • Coating techniques
  • Filling techniques


  • Astrid Theisen