Uni-Campus Schuetzen­bahn Essen

As a highly visible building on the campus of the University of Duisburg-Essen, the Schützenbahn listed National Monument was a not-to-be over-looked eyesore in the vast, Schützenbahn ESSEN redevelopment program. Therefore, the university building – especially the facade was extensively renovated in 2008.

The Challenge

No time – and no desire – for long discussions or debates: The 5,000 square meter facade area of the campus Schützenbahn should be cleaned and restored within two months and with respect to both the functional and historical aspects.

The Solution

The task of Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG was to implement the services as advertised, that, according to qualitative rehabilitation outcome, were seen within the budget. Our experts were already in the vital position to submit redevelopment proposals which, with their expertise, prepared them capable of making decisions. So a later construction schedule was unnecessary. Distortions and even the most demanding concrete and natural stone repairs could be completed on schedule.

Due to the high historic preservation standards, the entire facade was cleaned with a suitable jet cleaning system to remove dirt, old coatings and foreign substances. 

Here, the radiation technique and dosage were adjusted to the different materials of the building. The resulting jet of water was filtered and used as service water and, after proper cleaning, “disposed of.” Only after that could damage under sandstone surfaces with profiles and figurative representations be processed with a specially fabricated restoration mortar for authentic restoration. 

On concrete surfaces, a process was performed that revealed the wall surfaces of the facade damage. These effects were also repaired professionally and could be started before the coating of the walls.



The entire facade was then treated with a special filler material, and then finished with a system compatible colored silicate material. Due to the high demands on the services provided, frequent votes were needed – both with representatives of the payer and the relevant heritage authority. Here were discussed remedial measures and other steps designed and implemented through an appropriate concept. A well-functioning logistics, expertise and ability to skillfully manage project processes were major factors for the quality and timeliness of results – only two months.

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  • Inventory analysis
  • Concrete repair
  • Sandstone processing 
  • Facade cleaning
  • Memorial Wheelchair System / Viewing
  • Plastering
  • Silicon putty
  • Silicon filler material
  • Silicate coatings


  • Astrid Theisen