Delicate renewal of older substance

Casino Zollverein Essen

The historic ambiance of the Zeche Zollverein is unique and as a World Heritage Site all the more worth preserving. Traces of fifty years mining work can be felt in every corner. The new Casino Zollverein restaurant, bar and lounge, should be stylishly fit into the existing architecture and while preserving the charm of the industrial character.

The Challenge

As part of a reorganization, a restaurant should be included in the historic ambiance of the project. The real art of the craft of design solution was going to work without leaving any obvious current signs of change. Everything should look like decades of use has left traces – but, never-the-less, modern elements skillfully included.

The Solution

To maintain the typical character, the artisans of our Group focused on the acquisition and preservation of over six meter high ceilings. Only professionals could appreciate this sensitive treatment of old material, so “old timers” with a high motivation and personal responsibility to craft the right answers to the problems posed were used. Their special material skills were in demand as well as knowledge about the correct use of each material component in terms of material compatibility and tool use. In addition, it had to be decided what techniques and materials, given the objectives of the design concept, enabled the best results. 

The gastronomical concept has worked as creative. For many years, the Casino Zollverein was already a magnet for creative people, citizens and tourists from around the world. Today’s guests are always impressed by the ambience of the old industrial site and we are proud to have made a significant contribution.

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  • Surface treatment
  • Painting
  • Masonry preservation
  • Decorative plaster work
  • Conservation area