Implementation of a new shop concept

Marché restaurant at the airport Hannover

Marché® offers “food like you get at the market”. Freshness and quality, cooked in front of the guest’s eyes and a low-pressure market atmosphere are the key elements of the concept. The guests walk to the inviting market booths and select from a selection of high-grade, fresh, preferably regional products.

The interior architecture of the customer spaces follows the overall concept, combines urbanity and nature so that an atmosphere like that of a pleasant, green back yard. 

The Challenge

Realising a wholly new shop concept is always exciting. The routine sequence for planning and organisation of the individual projects has a solid basis in the experience of our specialists but still needs to mature in the details of a concept.

In just 10 weeks the old existing facility including the floor, ceiling and wall coverings of the old restaurant had to be demolished and replaced with new ones fitting the new shop concept. 

Along with the finishing crafts such as floor covering, drywall hanging and painting with our own experienced employees, the procedures for the technical trades were to be coordinated with external companies. One surprising challenge with respect to the deadline for completion was the existing flooring, or more accurately the existing floorings. There were four different sub-floors with different heights, making the installation of new floor coverings not so easy. 

The adjacent kitchen facility was to continue operating during the renovation. 

The Solution

Detailed visualisation of the shop concept helped in planning the execution and supported the work in all construction phases. Through the transparent communication between our Group construction management and all participants in every phase of construction, it was possible to find solutions to detail questions every time. It was possible to flexibly adjust the planning of the construction sequence and the time management.

completed deconstruction

surprising floor structure

place to spend time

place you can enjoy

Adjusting the construction sequence was necessary because of the existing floor structure. The creative potential of the Hetzel teams was able to surprise people in this situation. The engineers and craftsmen at Hetzel were able to demonstrate their artistry, flexibility and their professional skill. The entire team was able to gather valuable experiences in implementing the impressive shop concept of the Marché restaurant-chain. Experiences that they will use in the next expansion project.

The following work was completed, coordinated and supervised:

  • Demolition of the old restaurant facility
  • Laying cement tiles hexagonal guest room 
  • Laying wood optic tiles in the conference room 
  • Laying parquet-like PVC-floors 
  • Metal grid ceiling with gypsum board frieze along the perimeter in the front cooking area
  • Wall tiles, in ‘Vintage-Look’ fill in isolated columns and walls
  • Application of clinker facing brick
  • Drywall hanging
  • Fire safety work
  • Finishing and painting



  • Demolition
  • Screed
  • Brickwork walls
  • Drywall
  • Fire safety
  • Tile work
  • Floor covering installation
  • Metal grid ceiling installation
  • Finishing and painting


  • Astrid Theisen