Interior and exterior renovations

Mill storage Duis­burg

The old mill industrial architecture exerts a special fascination. A building complex that contains more than 100 years of construction by the Cohen family and Werhahn KG, is now utilized for retail, and catering. Important to the client was to retain the old charm in a new, creative atmosphere.

The Challenge

For the project “Duisburg Mill Storage,” in addition to other activities, more than 200 kilometers of mineral joint material was required. It was not merely an optical surface of the facade renovation, but a substantial, monumental work-up, with the aim that the technical function of the facade be restored. The generally intact visual situation was not to be altered because the character of the building, to a large extent, was determined by existing patina as well as use traces.

The Solution

First, a suitable cleaning procedure for the facade had to be agreed upon and tested. Also to be determined, where sections had to be removed and where a normal review was sufficient. These joint samples were taken at different buildings from different periods of development and after that modified to the satisfaction of both the payer and the historical monument authorities involved. The traditional techniques of construction joints and the tools used also had to be adapted to the task.

The entire facade of the existing buildings were reconstructed. In addition to the work on joints, bricks and masonry were in the later part of the former mill reservoir extensive remedial measures to abutments necessary. Due to static conditions and also from a fire protection point of view, this could only be done with a mineral system and a more suitable “shotcrete” technology. Because of the demands on the optical surfaces of the finished result had both the technology used and the workmanship of the components found were roughly similar. It was not an easy one to solve, since the substance was made available by other sources, but from today’s perspective – because of the technical feasibility – could not be used or allowed. For this, we found a suitable solution, which also satisfied the historical preservation authority .

Inside the mill today are now modern office and studio space. Before this was possible, several surfaces such as wood, masonry or plaster debris and old coatings were removed. Here, corresponding Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG beam techniques were used. Some old plaster and wood dowels were retained in order to illustrate to new users of the original function of the surface and, and to maintain its character and ambience.

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  • Cleaning procedures
  • External renovations
  • Fire protection 
  • Interior Renovation
  • Joint work
  • Historic wooden beams ceilings
  • Shotcrete work
  • Masonry drainage using chemical injections
  • Floor coatings
  • Plastering and finishing work