Revitalization of historical facade

Schloss Alfter bonn

“You must not go to Tuscany to find morbid walls,” was said in a self-portrayal by the inhabitants of the castle Alfter. The palatial building from the Stauffer era was morbid but, more than that, rotten – especially as related to the exterior facade. A revitalization was thus inevitable.

The Challenge

To renovate a building like this properly, means to understand the building practices of past generations. Also in demand are a lot of experience and extensive knowledge of how historically protected buildings will accept the use of modern materials. Physical requirements must be accurately taken into account and intensive analysis are created in advance in order to check the building substance accurately.

The Solution

The first step was initiated with an examination utilizing high-quality analytical equipment and appropriate laboratory tests. Only then could a statement of strength, modulus of elasticity and water absorption of the existing building be made. And only then could a refurbishing plan be created that builds on this knowledge and thus ensures lasting quality. To this end, our staff is constantly trained and qualified to know about finesse relative to building value maintenance and able to give qualified monument preservation advice.

Individual buildings on the Alfter property were repaired under historic preservation considerations. Damages were identified particularly in the base areas due to rising dampness. All wetted, loose or damaged areas have were removed to prepare the base accordingly and then provided with a special plaster. For the base area, a two-layer restoration was used. All located on the moisture zone plaster surfaces were provided with a lime plaster. 


facade detail

inner courtyard


The difficulty was the new plaster surface to accept the foundation, since only partial areas were processed. We had been through other various measures, for instance window connection profiles and stone replacement work on the window frames. After sufficient curing of the new plaster, the entire facade was given a new paint system that let the old charm shine through like new.

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  • Component testing and laboratory analysis
  • Conception of colors
  • Redevelopment concept
  • Waterproofing
  • System renders / restoration plasters
  • Stone replacement work
  • Connections window
  • Application using historic methods


  • Astrid Theisen