Historic preservation protected building

Schloss dyck juechen

This moated castle with several external buildings and an outstanding English landscape garden is one of the most important cultural monuments in the Rhineland. As a center for horticulture and landscape culture, it offers both garden lovers and professionals a stylish platform.

The Challenge

Basis for the necessary remedial work at Schloss Dyck was a comprehensive, coordinated with the heritage authority, list of damages. The focus of all activities was to maintain and preserve the existing substance. This required restraint and respect for the existing properties and was a prerequisite for success.

The Solution

Because of the importance and history of the monument, work with modern materials (grout, mortar, putty, paint) were required. These were assembled specifically for each application and implemented in accordance with historically-based work tools and techniques – with special air-lime mortar, injecting glue and glue/lime colors.

Both the exterior facades and indoor walls and ceilings were listed for restoration. The castle had ceiling heights of over five meters to be overcome. The scaffolds had to be designed so that no permanent damage caused by point loads and the like occured. Some places could be worked by rolling scaffolds, which were also placed with extreme care.



During the actual execution, specific components were also processed and understood. For example textile picture mountings, mirrors and fireplace frames, wood fixtures, vaulted ceilings, bolserien, stucco, historic wallpaper and wall panels. The restored historic radiator covers were taken into account. Lamberien, cathedral crossing were worked in small sections, especially cossering, treated by partial color development and color matching of the required conservation practice by retouching.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG can access the experience of such projects at any time. This information is available for those interested in extensive project data and documentation that can represent, for example, the foundation for future projects with a similar challenge.

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  • Waterproofing 
  • System renders
  • Stone replacement work
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