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Starbucks coffee stores

An excellent example of store expansions is the establishment of a Starbucks in Hamburg. The store is located on the Inner Alster Lake right next to the Four Seasons Hotel on the Neuen Jungfernstieg. On three floors in a historic setting, a modern coffee store with fancy coffee specialties now exists.

The Challenge

It’s all about the opening date and the entire construction team must accept this priority. Especially with such projects, it is necessary that the product “Store configuration” can be instantly accessed to provide the same quality to the smallest detail at various locations. Because the demand for construction and design for a brand like Starbucks is high, the complete store expansion, involving all trades including HVAC (Heating, ventilating and air condition) systems, had to be completed in a six weeks time window.

The Solution

An experienced team of Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG worked under extreme pressure to rebuild three levels in the typical Starbucks style. The absolute presence of the site management is required to clarify unanswered questions right away – if needed – around the clock.

In the basement are the cloakrooms, the main warehouse, the office of the Store Manager and staff changing rooms. Also, various technical areas were set up there. The ground floor is the utility room, sales, and a guest room with an area of 120 square meters. Upstairs is a type of gallery and an additional 100 square meters guest area.

The historic pillars and the ceiling on the upper floor were placed under monument protection during the construction phase and were subsequently restored to historical preservation standards. Gypsum board ceilings and walls were installed on each floor, thus creating a new sense of space. The painting and all floor coverings such as parquet, carpets and tiles were converted to a high standard of aesthetics.



work concrete

Additional structural work was caused by a new fire escape, including a ceiling opening and structural reinforcements. The customer could always count on quality and attention to detail in spite of time pressures.

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  • Statics
  • Project organization and
    coordination of trades
  • Monument related building
  • Fire protection
  • Protection of existing buildings
  • Painting and floor coverings
  • Tiling
  • Metalwork