Renovation of 4 above-ground railway platforms

Station platforms essen

The U-Bahn in Essen is a local traffic system for the cities of Essen, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Gelsenkirchen. It is a mixed system consisting of sub-urban railway and (full) underground that is routed partly above ground.

The Challenge

Frost and road salt had heavily clogged the 4 above ground subway platforms in Essen for years. Iron girders corroder, expanded and finally cracked the concrete of the platforms. 

The necessary renovation was planned for 6 weeks in the summer school vacation and was supposed to guarantee considerably longer durability in the platform.

The Solution

The weather plays a deciding role when working concrete outdoors. A risk, which must be included in the calculations for tight deadlines when planning the construction sequence. The time required for working the material was reduced from 28 to 14, minimising the risk through use of specialised concrete and very well-planned time management. 

In planning execution, a system was designed that facilitated parallel work by our employees at all four location after the platforms were rebuilt. 

It was therefore possible to repair the damaged and chlorine-polluted upper section (and partially the walkways) in a timely fashion. All load-bearing components of the platform now have durable protection from corrosion.

guide for the blind

After demolition

surface protection

surface protection

The following work was completed, coordinated and tracked:

  • Demolition of the prefabricated upper section using a diamond saw, ca. 480.00 m
  • Installation of post-installed rebar connectors in the area of the walkway (ca. 2,200.00 units), for connecting the new upper section using in-situ concrete construction (concrete quality C35/45, 140.00 m³)
  • Delivery and installation of 25.00 t reinforcing steel bar 
  • Application of an OS 11-surface protection system to the newly completed upper section (480.00 m²)
  • Application of an OS 5 a-Surface protection system to the walkway of the prefabricated sections (1,200.00 m²)
  • Installation of an integrated guide system for the blind (in layered construction, integrated 480.00 m)

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  • Demolition
  • Concrete work
  • Structural steel reinforcement
  • Surface protection system
    OS 11, OS 5a 
  • Integrated guide system for the blind