Concrete restoration

West­falen­hallen dort­mund

The Westfalenhalle 1 in Dortmund is a reinforced concrete structure and is a listed building. The present hall was rebuilt in 1952 after the original wooden structure was destroyed in the 2nd World War. After more than 50 years of frequent use as a meeting and entertainment hall, an intensive restoration was definitely needed.

The Challenge

Concrete repair on a landmark that stands in the public eye is always a sensitive matter, especially at an event hall that can hold up to 14,000 spectators. Strict optical requirements of a monument protected building rub shoulders with sophisticated technical requirements such as structural analysis.

The Solution

Basis for a smooth construction process was a comprehensive analysis of the existing structure with an optimal material determination. Only then could the important hall pillars, which constitute both a substantial part of the architectural appearance as well as the statics of the building structure, be restored. Our experts had to consider the repair requirements not only for optical criteria, but also with the highly technical nature of the components in order to choose the right concrete repair technology. The result was characterized by visual simplicity, but this should not be mistaken as to the actual professional performance required. 

corroded reinforcement

adhesive bonding test

Here, a system approved repair system was used. The high demands of the customer as to construction quality was assured by an appropriate external monitoring and implementation planning. 

As a certified QM (quality management) company, we were right from the start and a qualified partner to all parties involved in the project.

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