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­Realize color effects

Refreshing, invigorating, soothing, warming, inspiring moods can be created with color – feelings and behaviors influenced.

The interplay of color and architecture is our constant companion when we put clients needs into practice. Regarding color are architectural design possibilities endless. We can always support and further develop together with our customers.

The Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG is consultant, planner and executor at the same time when it comes to the color design of buildings – both inside and outside. In addition to color choice, we ensure the right product, for example, specifying washable, very durable and natural paints. We agree as early as possible to start application techniques and different materials – depending on the processing technique and surface property. We bring the requirements of listed authorities into alignment with the standards of appearance and durability. Environmental aspects are taken into account from the beginning – beginning with the right sized container for disposal.

Unlimited color and coating diversity

The coating material is now as diverse as its surface areas. Thus, we use models in different application areas pure mineral colors, materials dispersed, multi-component products in different quality classes (wet abrasion class) or even weatherproof.

Services “Color concept”

  • Interior design
  • Facade design
  • Designs and color analysis
  • Decorative and space-defining elements

It also depends on the technology

To create special effects and color aesthetic accents, both the choice of color and the method of application are influential. Whether special structures, spatula or marbling techniques – our experts dominate modern and historical forms of surface finishing. We advise you gladly regarding sustainable spatial effects that suits the current object or project.

Various trades advisory color concepts

  • Consulting service
    e.g., color psychology
  • Application of various surface coatings technologies
  • Surface finishing
  • Interior / exterior painting


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