Roof and facade restoration

Steelplant phoenix dortmund

If an older industrial property, such as the steelworks Phoenix, is to be adapted for a new use, it’s almost always a matter of upgrading the existing installation to the latest standards without damaging or dramatically changing the existing buildings. The steel plant here, Phoenix, is the best example of a successful building maintenance in spite of a use conversion.

The Challenge

The listed industrial ruins were to be brought back to life with a roof and facade restoration. Thus, interventions in the existing wall structure of masonry, concrete and steel truss were inevitable but had to conform to the conditions of monument preservation. Especially important was also the static security of the building during the renovations..

The Solution

With flair and technical expertness, our experts could repair and rebuild the demolition damage of the old adobe-and-rock-filled, external, non-load-bearing framework. The supply of unusual rock formats for the restoration of the in-fill of the old framework also presented no problem. In addition, the steel framework was partially restored and renovated.



Concrete columns, walls and ceilings were also repaired as required. The static security was, of course, just as natural as the observance of historical preservation regulations. Extensive, small-scale activities such as the replacement and/or reconstruction of various rock types had to be carried out in order to preserve the industrial, historical facade. These services, selection, coordination and the necessary quality assurance was guaranteed and implemented by our team. Our employees have the necessary skills and organizational know-how to select the appropriate specialist for the project. 

The implementation of the existing special knowledge impressed not only the client and heritage authority, but also the new users of the building. So we have again made a small contribution to preserve today’s values for the future.